From Issue n°7

221B in Northumberland Street, by Roger Johnson & Jean Upton

legendary figures of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, Jean Upton and Roger Johnson told us about their commitment to restoring and maintaining the 221B Baker Street lounge that everyone can admire by going for a drink or a bite to eat at Sherlock Holmes Pub, on Northumberland Street. behind how they’re able to regularly access the legendary 221B Baker Street sitting room at the Sherlock Holmes Pub.

Inventing Sherlock Holmes, by Teri White

Author of successful detective novels since the 1970s, winner of a Edgar-Allan-Poe Award, adapted for the big screen by two French directors (Max and Jeremie by Claire Devers, 1992 and Regarde les hommes tomber by Jacques Audiard, 1994), Teri White had never dared to jump into a pastiche of Sherlock Holmes. She tells us today how the exercise of fanfiction revolutionized her inspiration.