E.J WAGNER’s SHinese portrait

  • If I were an Adventure of Sherlock Holmes ?

Hound of the Baskervilles, of course. I feel with proper training any dog can be a proper companion.

  • If I were a canonical object or place ?

– The book shelves at 221 Baker Street .

  •  If I were a quality of the great detective ?

– inquisitiveness.

  • And a fault ?

– impatience.

  • If I were a canonical villain ?

– Moriarty.

  • A canonical woman ?

– The Woman, of course. Why not aim for the top?

  • If I were an untold story ?

– The Politician,The Lighthouse,and the Trained Cormorant. (It’s still whispered about behind the closed doors of the Secret Service).

  • If I were a pastiche ?

– The Seven Percent Solution.

  • If I were A Sherlock Holmes movie or TV Show ?

– The Seven percent Solution ( I really liked that one).

  • If I were actor who played Sherlock Holmes ?

– Basil Rathbone, John Wood.

  • And a Watson ?

– Robert Duvall.

  • If I were an unanswered question in the stories ?

– What happened to Watson’s two wives ?

  • If I were a scent, a color or a sound related to Sherlock Holmes ?

– Bach violin concerto no 1 in A minor.

  • If I were a canonical quote ?

– “Make a long arm, Watson. »

  • Can you tell a happy memory related to Sherlock Holmes ?

– Many. When my book , The Science of Sherlock Holmes, came out. When it won an Edgar Award. When it was translated into nine languages.Best-when I finished recording the Audible version. Being trapped in something the size of phone booth in 99 degree heat and no AC is no joke.

  • If you could Meet Sherlock Holmes, Watson or Arthur Conan Doyle, what would you like him to tell you ?

– Is my theory that Mrs. Hudson invented beans on toast correct?