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From Issue n°10

The redemption of James Ryder, by Robin Rowles

Interview with Maureen Whittaker

From Issue n°9

Interview with John Morewood

Interview with Steven Doyle

Oranges and and geese : Metaphors and Plot Devices in the Canon, By Robin Rowles

From Issue n°8

Interview with Bonnie MacBird

Musings on ‘A Case of IdentityBy Robin Rowles

From Issue n°7

-221B in Northumberland Street, by Roger Johnson & Jean Upton

-Inventing Sherlock Holmes, by Teri White

From Issue n°6

-Interview with Lyndsay Faye

Lyndsay faye’s SHinese portrait

Sherlock Holmes VS Jack the Ripper : A study in média, by Robin Rowles

From Issue n°5

Interview with E.J WAGNER

E.J WAGNER’s SHinese portrait

Sherlock Holmes on the rails

From Issue n°4

-Interview with Howard Ostrom

Howard Ostrom SHinese portrait

Review : The Madness of George III

From Issue n°3

-Interview with Evelyn Herzog

-Bonnie Mac Bird SHinese portrait