SHinese Portrait : Bonnie MacBird


La Gazette du 221B : If I were …an Adventure of Sherlock Holmes?

-Bonnie MacBird : I am The Second Stain.  I am unintimidated by political figures, I am relentless, I have leaps of intuition, and I know things are not always where you look for them first..

 If I were… a canonical object or place?

I am the sitting room at 221B.  There I comfort two great friends I admire and adore, and who rest up from great adventures, and receive fascinating visitors. I am never bored, and I envelop them in peace.  I am all the good things of late Victorian England, tea and whisky and cold joints of roast, a vast filing system of everything useful, a skull, pipes, a revolver, a jacknife, a view of the passing world right there on Baker Street.


 If I were…a quality of the great detective?

I am perseverance. Only that way does science and art happen.

And a fault?

I am prone to depression alternating with manic energy.

 If I were…a canonical villain?

I am Moriarty because I never dirty my hands.


 If I were…a canonical woman?

I am Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope, a woman of passion and ideals, mistaken at times, but intelligent, strong, and adventurous.

If I were…an untold story?

I am The Dramatic Introduction of Dr. Moore Agar

If I were…a pastiche?

I am Art in the Blood or Unquiet Spirits, my first two Holmes novels.




If I were…a Sherlock Holmes movie or TV Show?

I am BBC Sherlock or Granada.

If I were…an actor who played Sherlock Holmes?

I am Benedict Cumberbatch

And a Watson?

I am Martin Freeman or Jude Law.

If I were…an unanswered question in the stories?

What is up with Holmes and women?

If I were…a scent, a color or a sound related to Sherlock Holmes?

I am a minor key gypsy melody on the violin, modulating to a major key uptempo waltz to raise the spirits.

If I were…a canonical quote?

 » Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius…”  (The Valley of Fear)


Can you tell a happy memory related to Sherlock Holmes?

I recovered from a traumatic illness by writing my first Sherlock Holmes novel, Art in the Blood.  It was tremendously satisfying and restorative to spend time with my two favourite fictional men.  All the research and reading and travel to authenticate and expand this book later was heaven.  I walked the streets of Paris from where the Chat Noir was at the time to the apartment where Lautrec lived in December of 1888, Holmes and Watson along with me in my head…

If you could Meet Sherlock Holmes, Watson or Arthur Conan Doyle, what would you like him to tell you?

I would like Sherlock Holmes to tell me anything that crosses his mind.  I would like John Watson to tell me what he loves most about his friend.  I would like Arthur Conan Doyle to tell me about his writing process.

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